[Bug] Mouse Overlap Event Not triggering in all meshes

Hi there,

i created 2 bp using the “create blueprint using…” from 2 meshes.
I have the exact nodes working on both blueprint in order to show that the event is not triggering in the wall mesh.
You can watch it here:

[Ue4]Bug - YouTube

The working mesh(cactus) its changing the mouse cursor, but the wall doesnt do anything, even it doesnt trigger on the blueprint debug.

Thanks for all.

Hi ,

I would venture to guess that the problem is arising from the Enable Inputs. They will prioritize input to one actor over another. Please try removing the enable inputs and instead, go into the Defaults of the BPs, then set “Auto Receive Input” to Player 0 on both. Make sure that “Block Input” is not checked on as well. Let me know if that helps with the issue.

I already did and the problem persist with the wall mesh, also figured out that the working cactus bp just work for the last cactus droped, in other words if i have 2 cactus the last cactus dropped in the game will perform the task and the other cactus will just work the overlap mouse events.

OK the 2 cactus problem are now working by just enabling and disable input if you hover them. But the wall are not working doing this way or the Auto Receive Input as a default

For the wall, what it the collision setup like for the wall in the blueprint? Does it have a collision box for the mesh? If you are comfortable with it, I would be happy to download a copy of your BP and mesh to test myself.

OK. You can find the mesh in the racing example content its on Assets/Meshes/Sm_Throne_Exterior_Broken_01. Heres the blueprints, The master blueprint is the parent.link text

Hi, i was wondering if you were able to find something.

I was able to looks into the Master BP, but the cactus is derived from a class I do not have. This caused some error and the BP could not be opened. Could you post screenshots of the entirety of the eventgraph of the wall? That way I can reconstruct it from scratch.

The blue print that are in the wall bp and cactus are in the video… the wall is doing the problem not the cactus.

Hi ,

Sorry I meant the wall, not the cactus.

Could you post screenshots of the entirety of the eventgraph of the wall? That way I can reconstruct it from scratch.

OK ill do when i get home

Hi ,

Go into the static mesh and set collision complexity to “use simple collision as complex”. The problem that seems to be occurring is that the collision is not picking up the mouse over when it is as minimized as these static meshes are.

They have already that collision complexity. Th

I am a bit confused. When I attempted this on my end changing the collision seemed to fix the error and allow the user to change the mouse when over the wall. Have any other alterations been made to the asset?

Theres no other alterations to the asset, i just try it a clean new project and just add OnMouseOverLap(StaticMesh1) and try diferent configurations on the complexity, also im experience this behaviour with others mesh(From marketplace).

Hi ,

Which other meshes are causing this to occur?

SM_cloud_A from stylized Demo and some wall meshes from racing example

Hi ,

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my end. Every time I set an object to “use simple collision as complex” it works without any errors. Do you have any other steps I can try that might reproduce this on my end?

If i make a 2 min video creating a new project and reproducing the error will work for you?