Bug: "Merge Actor" Ignores Transform of Instanced Mesh Components

Hi. I’m using regular UE 4.12.

The title should pretty well explain the bug. Whenever I add any instanced mesh components and change their transform properties, the blueprint works as expected. However, when attempting to merge the blueprint using the “Merge Actor” utility, it simply defaults the transform of all instanced mesh components. I have a more developed “cookie-cutter” blueprint that relies upon the “Merge Actor” utility. Would be nice if this gets fixed. :slight_smile:

Here’s how to reproduce the bug:

And here’s an example of a more sophisticated blueprint that would benefit from the “Merge Actor” utility, but is currently unusable until this bug is fixed. :slight_smile:


Hey, i have this issue in 4.14. Any instances added into Instanced Static Mesh have their transforms back to zero after Merge Actors. Do you still have this issue in 4.14, or is it some different bug? Thanks!

Hey, an update: I’ve created a fresh report for 4.14, you can check it here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/555669/merge-actors-doesnt-work-with-instanced-static-mes.html

Hi CaptianMigraine,

I’ve posted info on the link that Slavq provided above. A JIRA as been created.



Thanks! Hope this gets resolved!