(BUG) Matinee Movie rendering different from viewport

Hi, after looking a lot, i didn’t find the solution. It’s seam that Matinee cannot record a movie with the same quality that we are having in the viewport in either simulation or play mode

Here’s the difference. (Left viewport, right matinee)
and i don’t have any translucide shader, just masked and others.

I did create a blueprint that set the quality to max, but still, i can’t get something even close to the one in the viewport.

I’m using unreal 4.4.

Did you check the output data? When rendering to frames/avi Matinee behaves the same for me but in the end, the outputted data is correct.

I did, and i even rendered it in PNG, BMP, JPEG and AVI to check, the matinee is even more wash up, but the output is the result that you see on your right

Here’s another pb that i have, why can’t i have the same quality in play mode that i’m having in simulate and how can i remove the freaking ‘‘preview shadow’’ watermark (and i did build the light just before) ?