[BUG] Loss of packets during LAN game

Hello I tried everything but I do not understand. I really need help!
I have packaged a multiplayer game I tested two pc in home LAN.

During each party, the client moves normally, but there are loss of packets causing teleports on client side. :frowning:
There have been a similar questions on the forum, there is an example of the bug:

Can someone tell me how to fix it?

Someone could help me please :slight_smile:

Hi tueurdudimanche,

It looks like you’re testing with Shooter Game. Is that correct? Or have you modified its networking code or anything else?

Please zip and attach the logs for both Server and Client. You can find these in the packaged game’s folder in ProjectName\Saved\Logs. Thanks!

Thanks for your help, i’m not testing with Shooter Game, this video has been posted by an other person who had the same lags. Sorry for my bad english because i’m french. Here are the logs : https://fs12n3.sendspace.com/dl/ec01d024fb2c53ca3df19de7d373a66a/5681c3865fe973c2/etln1w/Logs.zip

That’s fine. Does this happen in a new project for you as well, or only in your current project? I’m seeing a lot of warnings for too many RPC calls, so some things may be getting lost.

It’s difficult to see what with these logs, however. If you wouldn’t mind, it would be useful to have you move these logs out of the project folder, then run the game again, reproduce the lag on the Client, then get those resulting logs and attach them here instead. That will help me us focus on the moment of the problem and see what’s causing it. Thanks!

Thanks for answering. I’ve run the LAN game with Hamachi in order to determine the ping. The lags occured exactly when the ping increased from 3ms to about 800 ms. I think that this is linked with the LAN instability. Could it be right?

It seems likely you’ll need to cut down on the amount of RPC calls being made. A useful tool for detecting which actors are causing large spikes on the network is the Network Profiler. You can read more about how to use that here:

It would be more helpful for me to see the logs from both Server and Client machines after a new run which displays the lag. I would suggest clearing the \Logs folder from the packaged game on both systems, then run the game (with the network profiler enabled on the client) until you see the lag occur, then stop and get me those logs (from both machines) and the .nprof file from the client.

Hi tueurdudimanche,

I haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m resolving this post for tracking purposes. If you’re still getting some lag and would like some help figuring out where it’s coming from, please feel free to respond with the information requested above. Thanks!

I have the same issue. You can see it in the video:

Here are the project and the .nprof files from multiple tests on multiple projects: