[Bug][Linux] 4.11 Splash broken, 3D viewport color broken.

The splash in linux is broken, and the color, ( M_Basic_Wall which is white ) is broken/off too.

System specs

Hey -

Could you explain how you’re building the issue and when you’re seeing this? Are you cloning the engine using the terminal or are you downloading the zip file from GitHub? Is this happening when launching the editor itself or when opening a specific project or both? Additionally, the “color” link takes me to a page that says the image is not public.


This is in the 4.11 git branch and it happens when I launch a project, not when I start the editor up by itself into the project browser. I updated the color link so it should work.

Are you referring to the splash screen border still being present after opening a project? I don’t see the same result from you image where it appears that the splash screen is holding an image of another window. Also, what exactly do you mean about the color being off? Are you referring to the material in the content browser or inside the viewport?

The color in the Viewport is supposed to be the same as the one in the content browser, but its off, its like the white is removed or toned down too much. Like the white is missing, or its not right. Very hard to explain.

About the splash, I don’t know why I am the only one getting this image, it could be gentoo issues.

I’ve entered the bug about the splash screen that I noticed (the splash screen staying open after the project loads) for investigation (UE-24843).

In regards to the color issue, this is actually not a bug. You can see by going to Viewport->Show->Post Processing and disabling ToneMapper that the viewport color will resemble the content browser color (though this will cause the scene to look washed out). Another test would be to set the viewport and material editor to unlit to see that the colors do in fact match. The issue with the default setup is that the post processing and lighting in the default scene cause the color to appear slightly different.