[BUG] LandscapeLayerBlend is broken (Not working + crash)

I cannot use Landscape in Rocket because the LayerBlend node is broken. Please follow the below steps to reproduce the crash (Using Beta6).

  1. Open a new Material Editor.
  2. Create a new Landscape Layer Blend node.
  3. Create some layers (I made 2 layers Rock and Grass) (1st Bug: After adding multiple layers LayerBlend still shows only one output node).
  4. Press Apply Changes in material editor and Rocket will crash.

At the moment i cannot texture the landscape. Is there any workaround to this issue?

Below is the call stack after the crash:

Hi Satheesh,

Thanks for the report. I have reproduced this crash in Beta 6, but it no longer occurs for us in our current internal build.

I have not been able to find a workaround with using the LandscapeLayerBlend node, however for the time being, you may consider using an alternate way to paint layers on your landscape, such as using the LandscapeLayerWeight node. The picture below shows an example usage.


Awesome Stephen. May i ask whats the difference between LayerBlend node and LayerWeight node? I assume the only difference is organization.

LayerWeight do not support height map based blending. So you end up with pretty blocky painting when you apply texture do Landscape, as the blending is roughly based on landscape vertices.

Depends on what you do, it might be an issue or not. If you want to paint terrain by hand it certainly will be. If you just want to procedurally texture it, using external masks it probably won’t be much of an problem.

Unfortunately landscape layers are not usable at current