Bug - InstancedStaticMesh on IOS for OPENGL ES2 not working as expacted

From this thread
InstancedStaticMesh on IOS for OPENGL ES2- not supported yet? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums” I found out this answer “This should be working as of 4.4. Feel free to open an answerhub ticket if it doesn’t!”
I am using InstancedStaticMesh and Folliage in my project. On Windows,when I playing the game inside the editor, these features work properly - I see one draw call per multiple objects. But when I testing it on IOS, number of drawcalls is the same as number of instanced objects

I have tested on IPad mini(first generation) with IOS 8.1 from UE 4.5.1 Launcer Version
Thanks for attention…

Hi, what I meant by that is that it will actually render the instanced components using emulation (they didn’t used to render), so yes, the number of draw calls will not match. On Metal it will actually use instancing (it’s a TODO item).