BUG? : Instanced Static Mesh Components Don't Function Correctly In Packaged Game (Remove Instance)

The problem is that the remove instance function does not actually remove an instance or the right instance when playing in a packaged game. It will work perfectly if you play in the editor but in a packaged game it causes big lag spikes and removes the wrong instance if any. When working in C++ I got it removing instances but it always removed the wrong instance even though it removed the correct instance when playing in the editor.

To reproduce this simply load of a UE project in UE 4.19.2. I’m using C++ 3rd person project.

  1. Add some foliage to the level I used the starter content rock model.
  2. Make sure overlap events work with it you may need to set it to overlap all dynamic and add a box collision in the meshes collision settings.
  3. In your Third Person, BP Make event Overlap and from the sweep results cast the component to instanced static mesh component and from there remove the hit item.
  4. Play in the editor and everything will work fine but if you play in a packaged game or in window launched game the removing of instances will be unreliable and slow your computer down a lot. Often it won’t remove anything.

Here is my BP I also have done this in C++ and I’m getting very similar results.

In Editor (Instances REmoved Component Functions As Intended)

Packaged Game (Component Does Not Work)

I will try and a few other engine versions and post my finding here.


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