[BUG?] Editor mode gets dark for no reason.

Hi all, first time posting here.

I have a strange problem with the editor.

I have 2 gamemodes , one for no-vr and one for the VR stuffs, the last using the hmd variables of course.
The thing is… this is how the map is viewed normally.

If i enter in play mode with the no-vr gamemode the scene stays the same.

Now… i switch to the VR gamemode…

And everything is dark
Then i stop the playmode and…

Everything stays dark, even if i comeback to the no-vr gamemode the scene stays dark.

I have to re-open the engine to “Fix” the issue, sometimes i have to re-install the entire engine…

Some important things.

  • I was using the game mode without trouble, this just started to happen the last week and i dont remember to touch anything special.
  • This happen to some people on the team , and some doesn’t.
  • Its exactly the same map
  • The pawn is almost the same , except for some values, for example from where the linecast start, and thins like that.
  • The player controller for no-vr gamemode is almost empty, and the vr one is very close to the vr template from here (VR Game Template - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums)

Any idea of what is happening here?

Thanks for reading.

The first thing that you need to do is build your level lighting using Lightmass. Once you have the lighting built and imported see if you still get the same problems and report back.