[Bug] Disappearing UProperty in the editor

Version: 1945001
Install Path: C:/ROCKET_feb_2014

OS: Windows 7
RAM: 16 GB
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 4890

Trying to add UPROPERTIES to modify directly in editor for a character, I have experience an appearing/disappearing behaviour of such properties.
I have done this many and many times:

  1. Added one or more new UPROPERTY in the form:

    UPROPERTY(EditDefaultsOnly, Category=Animation)
    UAnimMontage* NameForProperty;

from VIsual Studio 2012.

  1. Built in Visual Studio.

  2. Opened the editor and the Blueprint to set the property.

At this point the UPROPERTY didn’t exist in the Animation section of the bluprint. So I compiled also from within the editor and saved. This has made them to appear but just sometimes (other times I havn’t been able to have them at all).
Even when the UPROPERTY had appeared, after the next code recompiling in Visual Studio they disappeared again.

#Debug or Development_Editor VS Build Configuration

Are you sure that you are either

  • compiling Visual Studio Development Editor and using shortcut to editor without -debug


  • compiling Visual Studio Configuration Debug, and using shortcut to editor with -debug



Oh God!
I have recently reinstalled Visual Studio because of a problem I had and when I did it I forgot to set Development Editor again.

Thank you so much for this!

It is not working yet because I have an error “cannot open” RocketEditor-MyGame.dll file" (and I’ve checked, the file is there) but I am very glad to have a different problem now, the other one was making me crazy.

Anyway, I think what you posted is the solution, as soon as I can check it by solving this dll problem I will mark it as the answer.


#Potential Answer

What happens if you change the Category name to IvansAwesomeProperties ?

UPROPERTY(EditDefaultsOnly, Category=IvansAwesomeProperties)
UAnimMontage* NameForProperty;


I can’t see them and I don’t have that Section (I have compiled from both Visual Studio and then again from the Editor).

Using EditAnywhere instead of EditDefaultsOnly makes them to appear and I have used them during the last 2 hours.
Unfortunately now they are disappeared again after I have compiled the project again in VIsual Studio due to some changes I’ve made in other parts of the code.

I am using also perforce, I don’t know if this can be part of the problem.


I have no idea then, if you tried changing the section name and it still does not appear.