[Bug] - Directional Light Cascaded Shadow Maps above 4 cascades

Hello, this bug seems to be also in 4.24 preview.

Looks like using 5 and more cascades causes a gap between wherever cascaded shadows end and where Distance Field Shadows start. This is actually visible in the new SunSky actor in 4.24 preview.

The bug seems to follow this pattern:

  • with 4 cascades DF Shadows continue where cascaded shadows end
  • with 5 cascades, it looks like the cascaded shadows start to cover shorter distance (as if Dynamic Shadow Distance would be manually made shorter), but also as if DF Shadows “don’t know about this shorter distance” and so there is a visible gap completely without shadows
  • so it might actually be that if you use more than 4 cascades a bug appears which makes the dynamic shadow distance shorter than what the parameter “Dynamic Shadow Distance” would otherwise do… this would explain why add more and more cascades makes the gap without shadows bigger

Here are a few pictures to better explain the issue. Note that I had used intentionally short distance for the dynamic shadows to make the bug very apparent.


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