Bug: Decals Flickers when far from Origin


I have attached a video and Project file in which reproduces said issue

Issue: When a decal is attached to an actor, and the actor is far from the world origin. While the actor is moving the decal will flicker.



Hello LifeLessAtom,

So I just tested this on my end and the decal fades out of visibility before any sort of flickering is visible. I will say though, the reason it is flickering is due to the decal actor bounds. If you select the Decal component and there is an option within the Rendering section labeled ‘Use Attach Parent Bound’

Let me know if this resolved your issue or if you have additional questions.

Thank you,

Hi AndrewHurley,

This did not solve my problem. However I come to realize that using the term “Flicker” isn’t descriptive enough. My decal is actually jostling around. I have attached a video which displays this better then my previous one did.