[BUG] custom NavArea is not working till restart

found a little update bug for the 4.11 and for the 4.12 preview:

New navigation Area classes won’t draw on NavMesh, work for EQS or AI nav… till I restart the engine °_°
I’m not working with c++ till now, it might work with c++ classes.


I can confirm this does the same thing with a C++ projects. Migrated a project from 4.10 over that did not have this issue, but does have it in 4.11.2


I have been able to reproduce your issue, and have entered a bug report (UE-30174). I will provide updates on this issue as they become available. Thank you for your report.

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I wanted to post that I’ve run into this bug in both 4.14.3 and 4.15.0. New NavArea’s won’t work until the Editor is restarted; they don’t color the Nav Mesh, and don’t work in custom Nav Query Filter’s.

I’m working on a Blueprint Only project. After an Editor restart, everything works fine.

Hey JonathanADaley,

Thanks for the update. The issue has not been resolved yet, but you can use the link below to keep an eye on the status of the issue:

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Thanks for the link. The work around of closing and reopening the editor, and then making a small modification to whatever Nav Modifier is using the new Nav Area (like adjusting its Z position) works to fix the issue.

I’ve just foundthe same problem in 4.15.2

Custom navmeshes did not affect navigation. I’ve found out that they stop working after setting collision to NoCollision (setting to NoCollision and closing and opening the project or moving the modifier makes it stop affecting navigation). Setting “Collision Preset” back to Overlap all (or any other preset) and then MOVING the nav modifier makes it work again.

I temporarily resolved with these settings:
Collision Preset: Custom
Ignore ALL

4.18.1 still has this issue :frowning:

With 4.20.3 it won’t work at all creating custom NavArea derived BPs. Creating it with C++ will work with the stated workaround

Also it isn’t clearly stated, but NavArea’s that are stored in Developer folders do not work. So if someone is not seeing BP NavAreas registering even after restarting the editor, this may be the cause.

Hello, I just wanted to reach out and say I was able to fix this engine side by overriding NavArea::PreSave to call RegisterArea.

Once I made this engine change, the NavAreas register without restarting the engine.