[BUG] Crash when using Search function in World Outliner

Editor crashing when runnign the game in editor, pausing it, and then using the “Search” function in the World Outliner.

UE4 Engine Version 4.7.3. , Win 8.1

Hi order66,

I’d like to get your logs ([PROJECT]\saved\logs), callstack, and dxdiag info. For the callstack, can you reproduce the crash, then when the CrashReporter window appears, write “.Williams this is order66” in the description box. Then hit send.

I am unable to reproduce this crash locally. Were you using a custom project or one of our samples when this occurred? If it was a custom project, can you try reproducing it in a sample project on your end?

Hey order66,

I’m marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you’d like to re-open it, simply respond to this answer.