[BUG] Cascade Warmup time breaks burst

(also happens in 4.13 and 4.12)

If there is a warmup-time active (and set to 1 second or more), burst mode does not seem to work.
This is either a bug, or intended.

In case of intended, there should at least be an option to override it that even with a warm-up time active burst should play when the particle is activated.

Depending on how your particle system is put together this wouldn’t be considered a bug. If your burst particle emitter is set to Loop 1 time (meaning it just fires off once),and your burst particle’s spawn time is set to 0, then this isn’t a bug.

Let me explain this scenario… I have a burst particle that spawns once at 0.00 seconds and has a lifetime of 1. I then set the particle system’s warm up time to be 1 second. That means the particle system will start 1 second into the particle system’s life. The burst particle has already played and died by the time the system has run through the warm up time.

To fix this you need to set the burst emitter’s spawn time so that it starts after the warm up. In the example I gave I would set the burst to start at 1 second.

Let me know if that helps,



That totally make sense.
Cant believe I did not realize this.