[BUG?] C++ (Native) Projectile Movement Component becoming nulled for Blueprints

I have been using the UProjectileMovementComponent fine for my projectiles but it is now setting the component’s pointer to null. When I call SpawnActor, it creates the component fine in the constructor, storing it in the pointer member variable in its class, but as soon as it leaves the constructor the pointer becomes null. I checked the projectile Blueprints in the Editor and they show the projectile movement component but the details panel is completely blank instead of showing the component data as it usually would.

If I create new Blueprints with the same parent class as the existing Blueprints (which are having the issue), they do not have any issues and the details panel in the Blueprint Editor is not blank; however, all of my existing Blueprints that parent from the class have a nulled projectile movement component and I have to manually re-parent them to a completely different class and then re-parent them back to their actual class to fix the issue.

This is a problem as I have a lot of assets deriving from the class and do not want to spend my time re-parenting each individual Blueprint’s parent class, let alone having to worry about this happening again.

Note: I’ve found changing the component’s member variable name in code also fixes the issue but if I compile and run the game and then go back and change the variable name to the one causing the issue, the issue still exists. I have tried compiling the Blueprints and re-compiling source code via the Editor but this does not fix it either.

Hey -

Sorry this post has not had attention sooner. There have been many changes to the engine since this was reported and I was curious if this is still an issue for you. Please let us know if this is still something that is affecting you in the latest version of the engine and we will investigate.