[Bug?] BTDecorator Tick not being called on first node in BT

I’m not sure whether this is an intended feature or a bug, but when you add a BTDecorator to a node that’s the first node off the Root, it never receives a Tick event (Event Receive Tick / AI), however, if it’s not the first node off the Root, it does receive the event.

You can work around this by adding a dummy / empty Sequence node into the tree (see pic), but this seems like a pretty odd workaround.

Any idea what’s going on?


Hey Stuart,

The reason the latter case doesn’t work is that the ROOT node in the editor is a fake node, there just to give users a convenient way to specify blackboard asset. The actual root is the first node under it, so putting a condition on it is pointless, and we don’t even consider this case.

We have plans to make it more obvious visually, like for example making the ROOT node transparent when it has a child node connected.

Sorry for the confusion!