[BUG] Behavior Tree key variable update bug

Hi people,

here is my situation:
I have an existing Task BP and it is being used in a behavior tree. The task has a blackboard key selector variable that is editable. The whole thing is working so far (it’s a simple path follower logic)

The update bug appears on:

1.Change the name of the blackboard key selector varaible in the Task BP (compile+save all)

Now nothing is working, because the variable name of the Task is not updated in the behavior tree yet.

2.Open the behavior tree and click on the used task inside the tree.

Now the task inside the tree is updated and works again. Saving the BT or anything else won’t help unless you click in the task placed inside the tree.

Greetings :o


This is a known issue (UE-21817) and is being investigated by our developers. However, their efforts are currently focused on high-priority crash and showstopper bugs, so there is no set timeline for when a fix will be released at this time. Thank you for your report.

Have a great day