(BUG) 4.25 Can't Offset Angular Limits (tell me how to make propper knees and elbows?)

hello, UE ver 4.25) i have a problem with phys asset, i cant change constraint angular offset to make knees and elbows (and all other less important bones) look believable,
its just strange when your elbows can bend 90 degree backwards.
i face this problem since 4.23, and it still there)
currently im able to setup phys asset in UE 4.18 - in this version all works fine and i can offset my limits how i want

i think this is a critical BUG that prevent you from making quality ragdolls

to repo this - just take any skeletal mesh, even standart UE model, set limits and try to offset it) - no effect

ppl with same problemā€¦ts#post1784262