[BUG] 4.12.1 Crash on Level Load


from 4.7 up till 4.12.1 (I didn’t upgrade to 4.12), I didn’t have a problem with this but now the engine keeps crashing while loading a new level.

Tracing it down, it boils down to a scene, where my actor pushes open a gate and a new level loads.

The crash happens with “read access violation - this was nullptr” in SkeletalMeshComponent.cpp


void USkeletalMeshComponent::ApplyAnimationCurvesToComponent(const TMap* InMaterialParameterCurves, const TMap* InAnimationMorphCurves)

if (SkeletalMesh && InAnimationMorphCurves && InAnimationMorphCurves->Num() > 0)

If I don’t load level, it doesn’t crash so it might be connected to level unloading.

Is there any workaround for this?

Thank you,


OK. The bug was elsewhere. The crash happens when I change animation Blueprint for a skeleton and don’t put a delay (!) Delay 0.1 fixed this. I have to come with a more clean solution (like catching when the change actually happened). So while this crash-wise is also new behavior, open level is innocent.