[Bug][4.11] Closing SteamVR crashes the editor

Reproduced pretty much 100% of the time with UE 4.11.1 (reproduced with 4.11.2 as well): closing SteamVR crashes the editor.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Turn the HTC Vive on.
  2. Launch SteamVR.
  3. Launch Unreal editor and open a project.
  4. Close SteamVR.

At this point, UE4 editor will either close or crash, with no notice or dialog whatsoever (except for the crash report dialog).

Expected behavior: UE4 editor stays open.

I can verify this. Just noticed it. Closing SteamVR while the editor is running will automatically shut down the editor without warning or any prompt to save current work (found out thew hard way).


Unfortunately this is not an issue with the editor. It is a Steam VR issue, which is something that we are unable to fix. For assistance with the issue, please post on their forums.

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Reported here: Bug report: closing SteamVR crashes or closes the UE4 editor :: SteamVR Developer Hardware General Discussions

How about when the editor receives a quit request it prompts a save dialog? It’s extremely frustrating to loose work because you forgot and closed steamvr while working on level editing in UE4. Still no fix from Valve.

(Personally I wish UE4 and visual studio would just save instantly whenever you make a change like jetbrains IDEs do. manually saving is so 5 years ago.)

Yeah I’m having the same issue and now I’m just manually unplugging the breakout box to swith off the HMD when not in use (not ideal but avoids the closing steamVR / UE4 issue). Also it doesn’t solve other people’s issues of sleeping lightboxes. Valve say they’ve already blacklisted UE4Editor.exe but it’s gone quiet since May so it seems as if nothing’s being done their end

After investigating this issue further, it appears that it has been resolved internally. The fixes will be available in a future release.

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Hi Sean, any idea when the fix will be pushed?

After the release of the next engine version, give it a shot, and then feel free to come back and let me know if the issue is still occurring.

This issue still occurs for me on 4.12.5

Give it a try in the 4.13 Preview and let me know if you are still experiencing the same issue.