Buffer/Post Process Capture in SceneCapture2D?

I’m currently working on a project which requires me to capture scene textures to an Orthographic SceneCapture2D(Scene AO, World Normals, etc)
Using a PostProcess material simply returning these doesn’t seem to work, and there’s no option to select a buffer as a ‘source’ on the Capture.

Am I doing something wrong, or are there any workarounds?


Which UE4 version are you using? At least on 4.18 you can select WorldNormal, SceneColor and SceneDepth as capture output. No SceneAO, however.

I also tested using postprocess, and it seems there is a bug where if you have a postprocess volume that is set to “unbound” it will override whatever post process materials you have on your scene capture, so you need to work around that.

create a post process material and set to before tonemapper. plug a scene texture into emissive and chose the buffer you want to use. apply this material to your scene capture 2D in its post process set the capture source to final color ldr. but as manoel said, pp volumes will overwrite this and stop it from working, so disable them first.

Currently 4.17, but have tried the same methods in 4.18 and 4.19 too.

Also tried this, and although it works for a regular perspective camera, the postprocess material seems to do nothing for an Orthographic cam.

I’m using 4.22.1 and I found with a perspective scene capture camera I couldn’t have my PP volume overlapping. I had to build a block around the scene capture camera, which worked surprisingly well.