Bucket of Physics Objects - Need Help

Howdy all;
I’m working on a VR game. I have a collision bucket full of physics actors. When I shake the bucket everything looks fine in there. But when I move the bucket quickly crossed large distance, I swing it from one side of me to the other, then the actors fall behind outside of the bucket then they catch back up like they are on rubber bands. Anyone know how to keep my physics actors in the bucket?

One solution would be have a collision(I’m assuming cylinder or something) and when something enters the collision it adds it to an array of actors, then when the bucket is grabbed you could have it turn off simulating physics for each of those actors in the array and then attach it to the bucket. Then reverse that when let go and when an actor leaves the collision remove it from the array(make sure the collision will ignore the player’s actor and such). But that’s my possible momentary solution, let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Have you tried enabling Continuous Collision Detection on the bucket? If that wont work, I think Oldsiren’s solution would be perfect. It’s probably even the way you’d want to go no matter what :slight_smile:

Just did and it helps so very much. Ty ty :slight_smile:

And thank you so much for this. Totaly going to implament this.