BT 'Move To' after EQS randomly fails?

4.18.3 actually and this is based on the “Making Game Ready AI” tutorial that Ian and Alexander were doing.

So, I have a AI BT and use an EQS to find good and bad food.

This is strange as most times it works fine, but randomly, even though the Blackboard value is set to a valid existing food item, the “Move To” step craps out and the “AIS Character” blueprint character doesn’t move - he’s stuck. It could be the 1st, 3rd, 4th or 8th piece of food - like I said - random.

Even though he could be in the middle of the nav mesh with nothing around him, and lots of food to choose from. The BT freaks out and looks like it ‘aborts self’. You might think, well, he’s no longer ‘bTired’ so the BT is aborting to the ‘find random location’ sequence, but this is not the case.

In order, it ‘looks’ at the bTired condition on the find random location side, aborts that side, goes to the find food side, runs the EQS, fills the ‘desired object’ BB value, and then the Move To step craps out randomly.

So, what could I do?

I basically ripped out all the pieces for finding, moving to, and using the desired object. Now everything is ok and works.
It seems there is ‘old stuff’ left behind in the BT when the underlying classes/queries/services represented in the BT are updated outside of the BT.

I hope this helps someone.