BT Composite Decorator comments disappear

If you add a Composite decorator to your Behavior Tree
double-clicking on the decorator takes you to a separate view tab to edit the composite expression
this shows a Blueprint-like set of nodes which appear to support bubble comments
if you select the bubble you can type a custom comment
if you press ENTER instead the text seems to revert to default
if you press TAB to change focus the text does appear to be set
but if you close the view window and re-open… the comments are all reset to their default text

Ideally the comments should be saved… if that’s not possible for some reason… the bubbles should be hidden or disabled to prevent confusion

Hello pci,

This is currently a known issue (UE-24262), and is being investigated by our developers. I will update the bug report with this post and provide updates as they become available.

Have a great day