BSP->Static Mesh... Lightmass problems


whenever I create a shape from BSP geometry brushes and convert them to static meshes, their lightmasses break, no matter how simple the shape.

Have I wrongly posted this, or does no-one else have this issue? XD

That’s probably due to the lightmap UVs not being set up correctly. Check the static mesh asset’s settings and see what they’re like.


It’s likely I don’t know what the proper settings are. But this mesh was created within unreal, surely I don’t need to drag it back to max or maya and remap it!

Well, that is exactly what you need to do.
The engine converts it to a mesh, but does not do any type of proper unwrapping…

Turn on the UV view. Right side of the “Additional data” button.

yeah, the UVs unreal generated are really busted. I just don’t really get it: why does ‘make static mesh’ exist if you’ve just gotta go back to your 3D program anyway!?


So that at least you dont have to recreate the geometry, or just to be used as a reference model when designing the real mesh.
Keep in mind that BSPs are just meant as placeholders to help you scale your environment. Its just easier to play with corridor widths and room heigths before creating the real meshes.
I never use that function. I tend to use simple blocking shapes and then just create a mesh with abou the same dimensions…

There is one limited case where you could get away with just converting…
If you only use plain colors as material and fully dynamic lighting.
The you wont notice the texture mess and dynamic lighting doesnt require lightmap UVs…

Yeah, I guess I need to start using some of the features in UE4 a bit more responsibly XD
Thanks, guys!