BSP Geometry questions

So I’ve heard BSP Geometry is not optimal and that you should bring it into a modeling program and re create it. Why is bsp geometry not optimal? I know there is a option to convert it all to a static mesh, does that make it as optimal as if you recreated it in a 3d program?

It seems kind of counter productive to make a big level in BSP and then totally remodel it in 3ds max or something from scratch. I just like the fact you can add a texture per face on BSP, and its a lot more complicated if you texture in a 3d modeling program, because you have to uv and such.

If it is very performance killing, what are the fastest workflows to take the bsp data to a 3d program and quickly replicate the same brushes as meshes in a 3d program?

BSP should in general be used either as filler geometry, or as a starting point / prototype of your level. You can convert brushes into static meshes inside the editor:


For various reasons, which can be found through all over the web, it’s recommended to use static meshes instead of brushes.

Yeah but when you convert to static mesh is it optimized ? Can you make a huge level with brushes then just convert to static mesh and it will be fine?

Also can you link some info on this?

As far as I know, when you convert BSP to static meshes it’s recommanded to export the static mesh in a 3d modeling program (3DSmax, Maya, Blender) and make UV’s properly, as the autogenerated UVs by UE4 are not very good, then reimport the mesh in UE4