BSP geometry flickering when selected

When I’m adding and selecting BSP geometry - selected object face and edges are flickering. First I thought I have issues with my video adapter, but now I see other developers also have this problem (on twitch streams, even in official tutorial videos). I just found solution, on only one page (BSP geometry wireframe flicker - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums) and bug report (Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-30764)).

But it’s strange for me, that this issue so unpopular. I don’t have seizures, but still, it’s almost physically painful to watch, to the point of impossible to work with this. I understand, that it is hart-to-fix bug (as stated in bug report notes), but may be it could be some workaround? Turning off Anti-aliasing or Realtime - helps. But for newcomers like me, it may be difficult to find solution, and, as I understand - setting layout in BSP first is essential part of level design. May be it makes sense to turn-off Anti-aliasing (or Realime) by default (or turn it off automatically when BSP is selected). I’m not sure, I just wanted to remind of this issue, because I think it can be important for newcomers, who doesn’t know how to fix it and if it’s even possible.


Hey Max Pio,

Thanks for providing the information that turning off Anti-aliasing or Realtime helps the issue. Currently, this issue has been backlogged due to other issues such as crashes and blockers taking priority. Keep an eye on the issue on the public tracker for updates in the future.

Have a great day

Thank you for your answer.

I also noticed, that it’s not only BSP issue - axis-gizmo have the same effect and same solution, and surface/texture flickering of 2 overlapping meshes also stops after turning off Anti-aliasing or Rendering. Not sure if I should make separate report about that surface thing.


I’d recommend waiting until a fix is available for the BSP issue before creating another Answerhub ticket. It’s possible that the fix will handle both cases.

Thanks for providing that information, I will update the ticket internally to reflect the fact that it is not only affecting BSPs.

Ok, thank you.