BSP breaking down

Hey I have a bit of problem here which I cant seem to solve although I read whole documentation on the subject. I am currently building basis of my level out of BSP brushes and my brushes refuse to cooperate they just break down with no reason, there should not by any significant amount of overlapping in the level so far to my knowledge. Can you please look at this picture and tell me what could be the problem here? Anyways is there a quick way to find overlapping in UE4? Thanx a lot in advance.

You shouldn’t use brushes for such complex geometry. Better to optimize it, use as semi-solid brushes, or even convert it to static meshes.

There is bsp tessellation view, Alt + 1 or Alt + 2, in which you can see actual bsp polygons geometry.

yes, thanks a lot man, ez fix, converted all brushes to semi-solid and it works just fine…