BSOD, Shading Compilation STUCK, HDMI Video and audio Driver Crash - UE 5.2.1

Dear community please help or maybe advice how to resolve …can’t to work in UE 5.2…very sad, but really what make me mad …when UE 5 just sunrised that version i used with twin and with reality…and was good plus stable ± and whole these super tools worked at my hardware as i have now…What was made to try to resolve: changing NVIDIA drivers, switching via studio driver and game griver, each UE process priority changed to highest, all paths dirctories changing to SSD and to HDD, CPU and GPU show me standart details without any overdose of their temp. or % of loads, changing in 3d settings in control panel nvidia to program settings, plugins all off, VCredist installed whole packs from 2008 for now, launching Epic as admin, launching UE as admin, on firewall added to exc…windows clean starting without any other not needed apps…nothing helps…tragedy situation for me.