Brushify UE5 -- Noisy Texture Issue/Error? --

Hi all, I got hyped for UE5 the other day and wanted to try and recreate a project using some asset packs I have in a UE4 project. I added them to the project but have been running into an issue with the ?rendering? where the different elements in the scene seem weirdly ?noisy? I’ve attached an image so you can see what I mean.

Any ideas on how to fix this would be much appreciated. The project is currently built on the template titled “Vehicle” under games and I haven’t changed any project settings.


Here is another image … with the brushify foliage for reference.

It looks like pixel depth offset, you can turn it off in the material


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Gave disabling pixel offset in the materials a go and didn’t seem to fix the issue. Likely something with Brushify’s materials and rendering settings. Hitting that documentation presently and if that works I’ll come back around.


Ah, darn…

Also ended up sending the developer of the package a question about it so :crossed_fingers:they might have some insight on the issue as well … who knows but regardless I’ll keep this forum up to date for anyone who comes along or runs into this at a later date.


Hey Cesterwo, did you resolve this? I’m having the same dithering issue when trying to use a Brushify material on a road spline in 5.0.2 and your post is the only thing that comes up.