Browse, LoadMap, ServerTravel and ClientTravel?

What’s the difference between

GEngine->Browse(*WorldContext, URL, Error);



When to use each one of them?

There also exists a ClientTravel method in the playercontroller?

hi there,

im asking me the same thing :slight_smile:

  1. ServerTravel also informs the clients to move along with the server.

  2. ClientTravel will be called locally for the client to load a new map. or connect to ip.

  3. Browse can load local map via LoadMap ( not for multiplayer ) but there are more things happening in this method. I also want to know more about what it does and what it should be used for.

  4. LoadMap should also load a map for a local client

As for now i would use ServerTravel even on a Client or on a locally machine for offline game :slight_smile:

hope it helps a bit :slight_smile:

Nice summary. I hope someone from epic’s staff will help us fill in the rest.

More documentation is really needed on this topic.

The docs have been updated. This page has some explinations for ServerTravel vs Browse vs ClientTravel: