Broken SSR reflections when no TemporalAA is used [4.25 update]

Screen Space Reflections of objects lit by Skylight work only when TemporalAA is enabled. When it’s set to FXAA or no AA, it renders reflections black if the objects are not directly lit:

Is it a bug or a limitation of SSR (so it works only with TemporalAA)?
Can it be fixed somehow?

**Update: **Here’s my first workaround: Use additional DirectionalLight as a pseudo skylight to lit things from the other side. This way the SSR show correctly when FXAA is enabled. But I guess that it’ll introduce some additional performance cost (new directional light, no shadows though). But I hope that there’s a better way to solve this.

Apparently this issue exists for some time already:

I’ve just reported this issue with a simple repro project through the bug submission form.

It’s only a test scene to show the issue. The issue is that SSR renders surfaces pitch black if they are not lit by e.g. directional light. So it reflects assets from their ‘sunny’ side correctly, but in shadow, the reflections are black.

You can also see this issue by using a Directional Light and rotating it, so it shows that surfaces that are in shadow render black in SSR.

Update: In 4.25 it’s even more broken. Now it doesn’t reflect enything, even in direct sunlight.
Now it’s all white:

Not that it is a solution because I understand the issue is being addressed with SSR and lighting, but is the quality scale at High or Epic for Reflections, Shadows, and Lighting?

Sure, every scalability setting is on Cinematic.

Got same issue here.Really need a solution.

The aliasing for the 4.25 test is horrible on the lower right mesh’s base! AA has such render-breaking potential.b

You can try making a bug report - I’ve already sent one over a month ago (with a repro project attached), but haven’t got any response yet.

Are there any news on this topic? I’ve found Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-93360) which describes the issue for no anti aliasing (but doesn’t mention FXAA). It mentions 5.0-m5 as a fix version, I guess that’s still some time away. Did anyone find a workaround or a fix that we can use in the meantime?