Broken SphereReflectionCapture in 4.22 and 4.21

I noticed that in 4.22 and most likely a few versions before (Edit: everything works in 4.20 and the bug starts in 4.21), the Sphere and Box Reflection Capture Actors lost their ability to capture reflections in maps with dynamic Lights and “Force No precomputed lighting” set to true.

What I mean is, that the Reflections that are rendered by the capture actors show all objects as pitch black, if all lights are set to moveable. After some research I came to the conclusion, that this is happening, because they only consider static and stationary lightmass results for their reflections.

However, after testing this in 4.11.2, I noticed that here it was possible to set all lights to moveable, set “Force No precomputed lighting” to true and run the lighting build process once to get rid of previous lightmass results.
Here is a sample scene from 4.11, with a setup as described above and you can see that the Reflections used are generated from the dynamic lighting.

Now here is the same in 4.22. The original 4.11 project was ported to 4.22 and the reflections are now pitch black, unless I switch the lights back to static or stationary and rebuild reflections:

To make it clear: I do not want to re-render the reflections at runtime. What I am talking about is generating Reflections in the Editor based on movable lighting results.

One other issue I noticed is that it now prompts me to rebuild the reflection when I move any CaptureActor, when in previous versions the reflection of that actor would be updated automaticly.

Is this some kind of bug, did some setting change that I am not aware of or is this intended?
How do you guys work with reflections in dynamic scenes?

UPDATE: I found a temporary workaround. It is possible to have all lights be moveable and Force no precomputed lighting = true. Before building reflections, one has to manually switch all lights to stationary and then NOT BUILD THE LIGHTING. Then just build reflections and switch back to moveable lights. This keeps the reflections while also offering fully dynamic lighting.

This is alot of useless overhead, so I don´t think this is the intended new way of updating the reflection captures…