Broken line textures

Hi guys!
I’m new to ue4 and my first texture were tilable tiles. I’m not sure why is this hapening on the picture I posted, but I think is AA. Am I right? Else please if you have any Ideas how to fix it, post an answer.

It looks like it’s an AA problem, try setting “post processing” to “UNREAL” into Settings>Engine Scalability Settings>
If that doesn’t work try changing the type of AA you are using in World Outliner> globalPostProcessVolume> Post Process Volume> Misc> AA method.

I set the postprocess to epic, but is normal, that if you stare at the box brush, the screen becomes highlighted? I’ll try your solution.

And if I turn AA to epic textures and whole screen becomes foggy.

Have you set “Resolution scale” to 100% in Settings>Engine Scalability Settings> ?

I think I forgot that! Yeah I’ll try It tomorow. Thank for it. I’ll post the results

Do LODs affect to this problem?

they might do, it depends if you are using them correctly. Can you upload the scene so I can take a look ?

This is my scene:

I meant if you could upload your project so I can have a closer look. I can’t think of anything else right now that would do that

The project is quite big and even how to upload I don’t know