Broken communication - Lack of responses


We have submitted a package on June 17. Files were sent on June 23.
It’s been 1 month since the initial submission and 25 days since the files were sent.
We’ve sent emails and PMs but haven’t heard back.
Lack of communication is frustrating and counter productive.
Maybe we can get a reply in here to know what’s going on.



Welcome to the marketplace

I’m in the same boat as you. I submitted June 14, and files were sent on the 19th.

I can actually see when they tested since I’m using Gamesparks and can track logins. The last time they tested was on the 20th, but I don’t know how that test went since we do not receive any communications.

They might be swamped with submissions, but if they found something wrong a month ago, it would be nice to know back then so I can fix it rather than just sit and wait for it to go through their entire process before hearing something is wrong.

What was the Gamesparks project out of curiosity?
Lots of people are complaining about this right now.
Wonder if Epic is doing a re-org, something like that…

Very little Epic community contact on here lately… First they kill off the Roadmap…
Then we see Alex P’s departure, which maybe was planned but it seemed sudden.
Now Marketplace approval backlog. Maybe something larger is up. Who knows???

I can agree with your issues here, I’ve submitted 3 plugins and have been waiting ~2 months since submission of the first one and ~1 month since I sent them the files. I can’t judge the speed of their email replies (yet), but I’ve heard they wheren’t too great either. This seems to unfortionately be the trend accross the board, and especially when it comes to plugins (there are instances of people waiting 4+ months to get accepted).
I’ve read they where training some more staff for the submission process, so I hope they can do something about this soon! I guess we’ll have to wait for now tho :frowning:

It’s an FPS Battle Royale Template that uses Gamesparks Matchmaking and Real-Time services.

The curation of the marketplace submissions is strict so the quality of assets are high, but it doesn’t seem to scale well so when we have a lot more developers trying to get their projects on the marketplace, it takes a lot longer than it should.

I would think the marketplace is profitable for Epic. Even if they are going through a re-org or whatever else is going on, I would hate to see such a valuable tool that the marketplace is be slowed down to a halt. I think Steam probably felt the same way about Greenlight, which is why they opted to come up with Direct.

Skeletronix was almost a year from submission to release and Look Alive was over 6 months. So, that’s my experience, which is why a lot of my planned plugins are on the back-burner and I am more actively working on asset packs now.

I would think you dev’s that already created MP assets could get something pushed through faster. The posts of frustration are discouraging.

Same, most e-mails I sent are unanswered and if answered usually 1+week later.

In every case that I sent an e-mail that wasn’t about a pack’s files, price or images it got ignored. I.e. all mails about asking when a release date is are just not answered, even though it was sent 10min before a e-mail about my files that was answered.

That’s certainly a solution that could help to lighten the load. Or at least give veteran sellers the reigns so we can push content ourselves. This would be beneficial to both sellers and staff in reducing overload, and for customers who can get content quicker.

As well as automating the process of reveiwing submissions, even to the point of having a web interface set up for those that have never submitted before, that does a cursory inspection, with the concept of, if it doesn’t pass the web interface examination, then the odds of being rejected are extremely high.

Anything of an empirical nature that can be examined by a human can be done so by being automated, allowing the current staff to focus on things besides if I’s and T’s are dotted and crossed.

One of the sad things here, which exemplifies the situation, is there is no comment from Epic staff, in this thread.

Marketplace creators absolutely no have options to communicate with someone from Epic stuff. This going a years since I’ve started to sell my items. Initially great idea becomest to wasted time. Creators just can non build any successful business solution. Months of waiting for review and totally miss communication.
Just as latest example my recent submission with new character stuck on review for 1.5 month so far. I I no have any updates for this period.
Here is video with overview.
5 minutes to integrate and check is this working or not. Why this takes so much time to review? I’m absolutely have no idea…

I have no idea why it takes so long to release either. Yet the frustration that stems from not having any feedback, as to what is going on, has to be the worst part. Have you released “Eve” on any other sites? (Gumroad, Itchio?).

Asked Alexander about this:

“Yep, and I am sure @amandambott and the team are aware of it and getting together a response”
Alright, thanks for the update.
“I mean it’s not really an update, but an assumption from being on the other side. Usually we knew about a thread, but needed a proper reply”

Guess we gotta wait.

Time answers all questions…

Is this problem THAT common?
I submitted my first package 20 days ago and sent files 15 days ago.
I have not received any feedback whatsoever and I was certain I messed something up.
Do I simply have to wait for a month or so?

You’ll be freaking lucky if submission will takes less than a month

Its very common, its basically an outlier if you get something accepted within a month.

My last submission took less than 2 weeks to get approved. But it’s been going on 7 weeks waiting for a release date.