【Bright Memory】FPS + Action Game Trailer

Thanks for your compliment.

Thank you. I added new pictures to my post.

I can’t find your contact info, but please let me know if you’re interested in some english voice over! Your game looks amazing. :smiley:[/QUOTE]

Hellow TamaraRyanVO.
My e-mail address is
I don’t have Facebook or Twitter.
I‘m interested in english voice,But the game is Work in Progress,Not yet in the dubbing stage.

The HUD is more than visual effects,Nearly the enemy it will issue a warning.

Hellow SVR33.
You said the plan is game release date or something else?
I plan to release in 2018 on Steam.

How much time a day do you put into this game? I need to know; I hope to make my own game one day. And how much experience do you have in coding and modeling? Do you use Maya?

I’m was thinking more on the logistical and business side of development. This seems like too big and too high quality of a project for just one person to handle. Are you going to try to raise funding and hire a team or finish it by yourself?

I’m in a very similar situation, building a project that one person has no business doing by themselves. However, eventually, I’m going to seek out artists, animators, level designers - I’m just not there yet. More than anything, really, I’m just curious how you’re thinking through bringing the game across the finish line.


I plan to finish it alone.
I have a job of my own,the use of spare time to develop my game every day,although the development process will be slow.
Before I developed a game alone using UE3,i have some development experience,so I’m sure I’ll make a complete game,i will do my best!

I have a job of my own,usually spend five hours a day to development,sometimes I spend ten hours on weekends.
I use blueprints to develop projects,Because i am a designer. I use 3ds max to model and animation.

Real Eye Candy… Reminds me of another game that had great potential

**1. Can you free roam this world or is gameplay on a rail and more about checkpoints / fixed story-lines?

  1. What kinds of gametypes will it have, is it just single-player or you’ll look at multiplayer / split-screen?**

What I’ve learned here is that Good Designers are making awesome looking games, with just Blueprints.
So agree with the others, looks super cool. Real eye candy. But like any game, get people playing it etc.
Don’t lose all your hard work, and ultimately end up with something that looks great but lacks substance:

That sounds and looks good.

just amazing , can we be friend , plz teach me how u do thing and i can work with u :smiley:

My game is fixed story-lines,it’s a Single game,i can understand you mean,but this is my development second games,I believe i can do better,thank you for your advice.

No worries, good luck! :slight_smile:

Absolutely stunning!

Have you submitted it to Epic for a grant?

It’s hard to imagine that it was done by one person!:eek:

Speechless, I cant wait to see and play the finished product!

EPIC chose my project as SpotLight,that’s it:)

I will regularly update information.

Thanks for your compliment.