【Bright Memory】FPS + Action Game Trailer


Hi everyone.
I am working on the first-person shooter game project,game name “Bright Memory”.
you can see in this video,I’v put a combo system in the game,Players can achieve different combos according to your operation,the skill shown in video is a one-style combo.This game is still under development,and it will support VR devices.

So if you got any suggestions or questions,please leave them in your comments below,Hope you like it.:smiley:
My email is fyqdzg@gmail.

2017/7/17 Update information!
Game characters “Shelia” design.

2017/7/01 Update information!
Game scenes and weapons modification systems,Hope you like it.

Very nice indeed, are you doing this all yourself?

T H I S M Y T Y P E O F G A M E . Looking Fantastic!!!

Holy **** this game looks fantastic!!

Please give us more info on development.

How long has it taken you to get this far?

How far are you?

Was this written in BP or C++?

How large is your team?

Nicely done!Looking Forwad to the furture information.:rolleyes:

Yes,I have been developing for one year, taking advantage of my spare time.

I spent two years learning the unreal4, this project developed a year, this is a BP project, because I am a designer, I’m not good at program, I don’t have the team, this is my personal independent game.
Thanks for your compliment.:smiley:

I’m glad you like it.:smiley:

I will show more pictures of the game next week.

Fantastic , it looks like Devil May Cry met an FPS game :smiley:

Are you a chinese developer, or japanese? It seems like the characters speak one of these languages.
Nice work btw.

Yes,I’m trying to develop different combat operations in my game.

Thanks for your compliment.
I am Chinese developer.

Wow this looks amazing. Especially the image with the dragon

Holy s***. How?
One person. 1 year,
This s*** is godlike.
Amazing job!
You have my interest

Awesome work, especially being a solo developer. Looking forward to more on this.

I can’t find your contact info, but please let me know if you’re interested in some english voice over! Your game looks amazing. :smiley:


Love the HUD on the guns, awesome looking game man!

Really amazing work. What are your plans for the game?

Thanks for your compliment.