Breakpoint added on custom Event executed but not hit in debugging within Editor


  • I have a custom cpp Actor Component (GRPCAmbulatory) attached on a CharacterPawn blueprint object (BPInfantry) in the hierarchy.
  • The ActorComponent defines and brodcasts a multicast delegate event called OnComponentMove(float x, float y)
  • Within the CharacterPawn blueprint: OnBeginPlay binds to OnCharacterMove and performs MoveToLocation with AIController whenever the event is firing.


One thing that I do not understand is why the breakpoint added within the CharacterPawn blueprint on the MoveToLocation node, or the event itself, is not being hit, however the function is executed accordingly. Would be highly appreciated if anyone can shed some light.


  • Debug Filter has been set and only one instance of the object exists in the scene
  • Tried launching UE Editor by building the solution in Debug mode, but this did not make the breakpoint pause the execution either.

Thank you in advance.