Break Struct No Longer Works for Specific Struct Type

I’m currently using 4.7.2, and I had a bug with an item system I was working on in Blueprints, so I rewrote the entire thing from scratch. The problem I’m running into now is that there’s a structure I’m using to define the inventory items, and after rewriting it and saving the struct, then setting up the item, this happened when next I re-opened the editor:

This isn’t just cosmetic, though; I actually can’t break any structures of type InventoryStruct any more by dragging off an output pin. I’ve already tried rewriting the struct from scratch as “InventoryStructure” or “InventoryStructure2”, but whenever I do, then the new struct has the same problem.

I don’t know what caused this and it’s been driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Migrating to a new project didn’t solve the problem either; the bug just reproduces itself. I’m about to try re-installing 4.7 from scratch and updating in case it’s an editor problem, but I think it’s something with the Blueprints.

Hi Zero-Sennin,

I’ve been trying to reproduce this error in 4.7.2 but so far I haven’t gotten your results. Did the issue persist after you reinstalled 4.7?

If so, could you post a small test project that has the error?

Referencing another users post that looks to be the same issue.

Same issue here, I could upload a project, it’s about 160Mb, but I don’t want to place it publicly. Any options how I can send it to you guys?

And the problem is that Structure on which it’s based is having some issue with being saved:

and it’s no longer accessible as a valid object for variable type

Yeah, upload it to whatever share site you use (Googledrive, dropbox, are preferred) and private message me a link directly over the Forums.

Thanks for the help!

The issue seems to have stopped, but I’m not sure what I did to fix it. However, I can confirm that I was having the same partially loaded problem that BoredEngineer and the other post did.

If Epic Staff would communicate a bit better with each other they would have linked this post I created 7 days ago:

The answer is simple, its fixed in this commit which is already inside the 4.7 branch. So you can just download the latest 4.7 branch and compile it yourself, then this problem is fixed.

Hi John,

Thanks for bring this to my attention. I wasn’t aware that this fix had gone through.


If you aren’t using source, the official 4.7.3 version will be releasing soon on the Launcher.



Hi TJ,

Do you know if we should re-create structure after update or just re-compiling blueprints will be enough to fix it?

Hi BoredEngineer,

It seems that this issue is not fixed in 4.7.3. I received your private message with a link to download the project but I believe that you took it down after we discussed a fix. We are still looking for a solid way to reproduce the issue. Would you mind uploading it again and sending me another link to download?

For me this issue was fixed in 4.7.3 apart from the visuals which still look buggy.

For me, i did re-assign the data type of my struct variable since the existing nodes still wont perform a break node.

After that i had to replace all nodes related to my affected struct.

I have this issue also on 4.7.3

Hi everyone,

Many users are reporting a similar problem that the mentioned commit doesn’t fix. I was able to reproduce the issue and I have created JIRA UE-12550 in our tracking software. Our developers are aware of the issue and they will be investigating it further.

We will post back here with updates as we have them.