Break lights?

Suppose I already set up a material slot in my vehicle mesh, and have already assigned an emissive material with a scalar parameter.

My question is, using the default vehicle setup that Unreal provides (move forward sets the throttle, move right sets the steering), how can I change the value of the break lights. Currently, I start my execution node after setting the throttle. I check if my move forward axis value is less than 0. If that is true, I connect to a select float that chooses a value of 120 (making my material emit). Then, it sets the materials emission accordingly. If it was greater than 0, the select float would return a small value that isn’t emissive.

The problem with this method is that I have a separate button for the handbrake. If I got to the handbreak and connect a few nodes that say “set the emissive parameter to 120 if pressed, or 0 if not pressed” it conflicts with the move forward-based break lights.

What’s a workaround for this?

Do you have a screen shot of this set-up? I am having trouble following the logic here…