Brand new to development. Help need with input action controls

Hello, I’m brand new to Unreal development and finding it very challenging!

I’ve been tinkering with the editor for a few weeks now, working through Youtube FPS tutorials etc, but my understanding of some core principles is very lacking, and copying tutorials is only going to get me so far when it comes to building my own functionality. It’s often difficult to understand the main principles of what people do on videos.

I have the motion controller map level, with a blueprint for a drill. I am trying to make the drill bit turn when the right trigger is pressed. So far I can get the drill bit to turn automatically, but I have to use a timeline to effect a local rotation node, executed from after it is picked up, using the standard VR box template, it stops rotating when it is put down.

What I’m really trying to achieve, is to map the right oculus trigger to make the rotation happen.

Within the project settings input, I have created an input action, and when setup in the motion controller pawn, right trigger is it working producing a print string.

If I put this input action even in the drill BP nothing happens.

So I think the problem I am having is referencing my drill blueprint, either from the motion controller or in the drill blueprint, to make the trigger input action work on the drill. I really haven’t got my head around referencing yet.

I know this may seems pretty basic to some, but I’m just getting started out.

Are there any pointers anyone can give me please? thanks

You are asking a very basic question that i think noone here is gonna answer. There are many ways to do it. But the most effective way that every dev used is interface. You can try to search about how to use blueprint interface, there is quite alot now on youtube. Unreal document also have it but it lack some examples for fresher.

Just been looking into this and it has been extremely helpful. Proper penny dropping moment. Many thanks.