BP_MotionController missing SteamVRChaperone component. Cant find /Script/SteamVR.

I created a new Project based on the new Virtual Reality template using 4.13, and every time I start up the editor I get the following error log: “/Game/VirtualRealityBP/Blueprints/BP_MotionController: Can’t find file for asset /Script/SteamVR”.

When this happens, the BP_MotionController blueprint is unable to compile, and I noticed that the SteamVRChaperone component that used to be there no longer exists. I have to manually re-add this component to BP_MotionController, then replace the SteamVRChaperone component getter in SetupRoomScaleOutline with the new one to get the blueprint compiling again. Everything then continues to work, until I close the editor and re-open it, where the same problem resurfaces. Yes, I have saved everything.

I did convert this to a C++ project, and I’ve got a single base station in “A” mode. I’ve tried making sure that SteamVR is started, and the HMD, both controllers, and the basestation were all connected and Ready before starting the project up. I also tried including “SteamVR” and “SteamVRController” in PrivateDependencyModuleNames in my build rules. I’ve set my chaperone up for standing mode rather than room-scale.

Has anyone seen this before?