BP_LightStudio HDRI resolution issue

Hello everyone, I was working on my environment till I found this BP_LightStudio, that comes with UE4.

The BP controls: Skybox

Directional light


Exp. and Atmospheric fogs

So I was working before with an Editor Sphere with a Material for the Skybox, with a Resolution of 4096x2048 with an EXR. The skybox inside the BP only admits HDR images and it rescales them to 1024x512. If I use the EXR on the skybox of the BP, appears black (or not working)

Does anyone how to change the resolution of it so I can max out the resolution of the imported texture? Or do I have something inside the BP in order to allow to grab EXR formats?

.HDRs are imported as “cubemaps” so they have hardcoded limitations. They have a max resolution of 2048, which you can set in texture window just above the Compression settings. You can also update the sky material to take .EXR and rebuild the rotation math to support the non-cubemap texture and not have to worry about the .HDR issues at all.

Ok, I just deleted the SkyBox that had the BP and brought an Editor Sphere that allows EXR and no need of operations. But I have a question, that Editor Sphere will cast colour information on the reflections? Thanks for your reply.