BP won't show up anymore in Editor after crash

My computer’s been crashing intermittently when running 4.19 - this never occurred before the update. But I’ve dealt with it until now.

Until this morning when my character blueprint disappeared from the Editor. It’s still there in the Content folder in the File Explorer but won’t load in the Editor and when I launch the project I get these error messages (2D_Char_Child is the character blueprint that disappeared).

Any ideas of what I can do to fix this without rolling back the project?

I’ve tried reinstalling 4.19 and verifying it but neither worked.

Thank god for the Backups folder.

The crashing is still an issue but at least I got my work back.

My graphics card is an Nvidia 980 if that helps anything. uninstalled the graphics driver and reinstalled them- didn’t help. It only crashes when a UE 4.19 project is open after a few minutes to an hour.


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