BP VR Project: TMap Based Inventory Causing Project/Engine/Game Freezing

I have a BP VR project that I ported over to 4.15 for the new TMaps features that were exposed to Blueprints in 4.15 for use in an inventory. I created an Inventory that allows you to put items into it by placing an object into the center of the mesh that acts as the GUI and taking them out requires you to tap ‘Inventory Slots’ with your in game finger. Each slot is trigger by individual collision boxes. Each item that is added to the inventory is stored in a TMap variable and when an item is removed the corresponding Key is removed from the TMap.

The entire setup works perfectly except at some point while playing, during the process of adding to the inventory the entire project freezes but never actually crashes nor does it close on it’s own (its not really random but it take a bit (roughly a minute or so) to get the freezing to occur). I end up having to use Task Manager to manually kill the process. Each time I’m hoping there would be some kind of log generated but there never is. I checked Engine/Saved/Logs, Project/Saved/Logs and the crash reporter directory at AppData/Local/etc… but no logs were found other than output logs in the Project/Saved/Logs. I’m at a loss of what is causing the freezing since even my manual debugging is not producing any results and there is no crash logs being generated. However, the freezing has me wondering if there is a bug with TMaps that could be causing this.

Rather than bother with screenshots of code and video, I can share a copy of the project. However the project cannot be shared with the public so I’ll send it to whoever ends up trying to take on this bug report.

I just discovered this and I’m not sure if this could be part of my problem.

Hi BananaKing932,

I believe you are correct. The JIRA that Dan mentions in that post is the root cause that he is investigating (UE-6451).