BP-Static mesh to destructible mesh

Hello Devs.

I hope that you can help me with this doubt, I have a simple static mesh with 4 LODS, and I would like that when I shoot to this mesh then call to the destructible mesh, this is the simple static mesh

and in the next capture this is the destructible Mesh, also I need “set life” of this because this can not have LODS and this is open world map check!!

if you can help solve this would be great, I think the only way to do it is with BP, but I dont know how to do it, Many thanks for your help!!!

Hi Juanlezama,

With something like this in Blueprint, you should be able to setup a switch from a trigger to swap out the DM and the Static Mesh when within a range. That way you can have your static mesh with its LODs up until a distance. Then when the trigger box is entered by the character this mesh can be swapped out for the DM.

For the “Set Life” part, I would guess you mean that you’d want the destructible chunks to disappear after a little bit?

If so, that can be controlled by using the Debris Lifetime Min/Max values and enabling the Flag for Debris Timeout in the Destructible Mesh Editor.

Not sure if I linked you these before, but I have a project that walks through nearly all Destructible Mesh Editor Settings with an example to hopefully show it off clearly. http://timhobsonue4.snappages.com/project-dm-showcase



Thanks a lot for your help, the scene that you sent me it is very helpful, and thanks a lot for your last comment so, I did what you recommended me but I could not do it with a trigger, keep in mind that this game it would be like Arma 3 is a simulator so, if I shot with a tank from 800 meters or there is a bombardment how can activate the trigger with the incoming projectile?, if you can help me with screenshot of any blueprint to works with a trigger I really aprecciate, also, I did by other way, but I dont know if this blueprint is appropriate for this type of game, I used multigate, so, when I shoot or just collide with my character to my static mesh disappears the geometry that has LODS and appears the DM, so, finally the blueprint behaves as I want, but I dont want that react with my character, just with a shooting, finally, please check the next capture and let me know if this BP is appropiate, I dont want a blueprint that requires so much memory, because it is an open world, again thanks a lot,

the DM would have different color just to make the difference.

have a great weekend!