BP Sky Sphere

Hey guys!

I’ve created an FPS project, but it’s not contains the Sky_sphere blueprint. How can i add it to my project? I would like to create a day night cycle by the way.


In Content Browser click View Options and check “Show Engine Content”. Select Engine folder and in Filter input field type “bp_sky”. You can see the blueprint BP_Sky_Sphere. Select and drag to folder in you project and select Copy. Select blueprint BP_Sky_Sphere and drop to scene. Create Directional Light, and add this light to Directional Light Actor in Sky Sphere Details.


Thanks alot!

BTW “View options” is next to the “eye” icon in the bottom right corner on the right side of the content browser…


Yep I agree answer above.Thanks! But I also want to skybox HDRI to fix manually.Now lateste version 4.15, hasn’t Editor_Sky_Sphere.There is Bp_Sky_Sphere.Actually I wanna make myself skybox to HDRI what I want outside seen may be day or Night.So how can I modify Bp_Sky-Sphere to Skybox HDRI? Can I .Please reply me as your kindness.

dude you saved me, i was searching like crazy. Thank you!

Actually while that worked, now when I open world comp window, there is this huge yellow circle inside square,is that normal ? Not seeing that in other video tuts for world comp or did they just not do that part to make tut easier to see ?


for some reason when I export to avi BP sphere does not appear … anyone had this problem before ?