BP sky sphere Not showing

have been working on a scene for a while and deleted some geometry, which has now caused my scene to go black. Looks like my BP Sky sphere has gone from my scene and can’t get it back. Am assuming this may be this issue, unless the level has somehow got corrupted. Anyone has any ideas? The scene is an exterior with dynamic sky and sun.


Pretty old post but I leave here a comment for future researchers.
I had a similar problem. With an archiviz scene. I deleted the BP_SkySphere by mistake.

How to get it back? My workaround:

Create a new level. Chose the Default. Don’t save it.
The new level should have the SkySphere BP on the World Outliner. Right-Clic on it and pick Browse to Asset.
That will open the folder Engine Content/Engine Sky/ BP_SkySphere

Drag and drop the BP_SkySphere back into your scene.
Relink it on the Details tab to you Light Source again.

Hope it helps.