BP Node Network Disappeared

I had a simple BP rigged up with a static mesh component that lowers after crossing a box collision component via a Timeline. Everything functioned perfectly. I’ve just noticed when I crossed this same trigger that nothing happened. Upon investigating I found that every node in my event graph is missing except the Event BeginPlay node.

I also have the variable for the static mesh’s initial location in the Variables panel, and I have the Timeline’s graph accessible in my tabs in spite of having no node for it any more.

On an odd side note, my box collision was moved further along the Y axis as well. I hadn’t tampered with it any since completing it, so unsure what cause this to occur. I can recreate my network quickly enough but figured I’d mention this happened here for posterity.


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I hadn’t realized. Thank you for letting me know.

You were right. I had recently renamed the level and assumed when I reopened it later it was going to be opening the same level under the new name. Instead it had made a copy with the new name, but was opening under the original level with the default name - and somewhat older state of progress - just as you alluded to. It escaped my notice until you made your suggestion because the name was such a minor change and relatively out of the way on the screen that I hadn’t been looking at it and seen it was still the old name, which would have tipped me off. Sort of a “hiding in plain sight” situation. Even had I realized, I wouldn’t have known how to fix it off-hand, so I appreciate your advice. Thanks.

An easy explanation is that you have opened a different (and older) level instead of the one you were working on. If you don’t set the Editor starting map in your Project Settings Maps and Modes the engine will open a default level and not your latest one.

Glad you solved it! Yep, been there than that too. :wink: